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Friendly, personal service that goes the extra mile

I brought our car in the other day as we suspected a small oil leak - not only did D&D make an effort to look at the car straight away (I didn't have a lot of time), but they were extremely conscientious in terms of telling me upfront that actually I had a serious engine issue on my hands. Now, this is not surprising for mechanics - after all, bad news is good for business, right? - but where D&D were a cut above their competitors is that they weren't using this as a way to get money out of me. In fact, they recommended that I take the car back to the dealer (where the repairs would likely be included under warranty), re-filled it with oil so I could drive it across to the dealer, and didn't charge me a cent. They even offered to give me a ride to my next appointment! All in all, they went beyond the call of duty and I couldn't recommend them highly enough for their professionalism and service.

Claire S
SureCritic Review

Responsive, friendly, and did a great job!

I needed a 75,000 maintenance check. Instead of replacing things that didn't need to be replaced, just to make some money, as the dealership would have, they checked everything over and advised replacement of only what was needed. They also changed the oil, and did so cleanly, so I didn't have to smell it for miles and miles, as I've had happen in the past. Nice job! I'll be back.

Karen L.
Leesburg, VA

Nick said he received great service from this business. They did not rush him and made sure he was not stressed.

Nick A.
Leesburg, VA

Jamie said this business has prompt and quick service. He is very happy with the service there.

Jamie T.
Leesburg, VA

Awesome repair facility

Very professional facility with fantastic customer service. The technicians are very knowledgable and friendly.

Joseph H.
Round Hill, VA

Excellent service

I brought my 2007 Honda Odyssey to D&D with a check engine light on. They diagnosed it quickly, took the time to explain the failure, (in my case) potential for future failures and the impact. The vehicle was fixed in one day. This was my first time and I've found our local service center.

Jason S.
Leesburg, VA

The customer service is outstanding .

Completely trust all the technicians. They work very hard & take great care of each and every customer who walks in. Love their kind customer service.

Roya G.
Leesburg, VA

-Easy to understand explanations
-Quality workmanship

I've had routine maintenance and also brake/tire work done here. Great work, honest delivery - saved me $$ by machining rotors when I was prepared to replace them. It's the kind of place you don't have to worry about the up-sell. Highly recommended.

Paul J.
Clifton, VA

Fast, friendly, honest and quality repairs! See Doug, Paul or Jodi for any questions or to schedule your next appointment!

Charles C.
Leesburg, VA

The friendly employees,the great service I received. The quick turn around

Ronnie G.
Leesburg, VA

Jared said this business has good prices, he trusts them, they are convenient for him and he will only use this business far as long as he lives in this town.

Jared H.
Leesburg, VA

Always spot on!

I always chose D&D for service because I know they care. They know my vehicle and they know me. I've gone there over and over again because I TRUST their mechanics. That is a HUGE compliment to their service! I'll be back!!

Jen M.
Leesburg, VA

A great place for women

Always helpful and I've never been pressured into service I don't need. This is a great shop for women to bring their auto in for servicing...the mechanics are terrific.

Susan A.
Ashburn, VA

Great grarage!

Doug and Joe are top notch. Very rare to find an honest and competent mechanic. D&D is both. I cant recommend them more enthusiastically.

Ray J.
Leesburg, VA

Job well done

Very clean repair facility. Technicians seem very knowledgeable and are very thorough

Nina H.
Round Hill, VA