SureCritic Review
Friendly, personal service that goes the extra mile
I brought our car in the other day as we suspected a small oil leak - not only did D&D; make an effort to look at the car straight away (I didn't have a lot of time), but they were extremely conscientious in terms of telling me upfront that actually I had a serious engine issue on my hands. Now, this is not surprising for mechanics - after all, bad news is good for business, right? - but where D&D; were a cut above their competitors is that they weren't using this as a way to get money out of me. In fact, they recommended that I take the car back to the dealer (where the repairs would likely be included under warranty), re-filled it with oil so I could drive it across to the dealer, and didn't charge me a cent. They even offered to give me a ride to my next appointment! All in all, they went beyond the call of duty and I couldn't recommend them highly enough for their professionalism and service.