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1 check-in It's a Saturday afternoon, I'm sitting at home. When all of a sudden, I forgot I needed to get the state inspection on our back up car. It's a 1997 Chevy S-10 pickup We have been meaning to do it for a long time, but just kept forgetting. It was a little over due, maybe 3 months overdue. Whoops =) I got in the car and started to drive around Leesburg looking for a place. The gas station was backed. The other places I drove to were all closed. I started to head down town to visit this one other shop. I had just missed them, by 15 minutes. They had just closed. I figure I was going to get in trouble, because I was loaning the pickup to someone and I didn't want them to get a ticket. Well as I was driving around the back roads of downtown Leesburg, I can across D & D Automotive Repair. I didn't know this place existed. I saw the inspection sign and figured I'd go ask. I saw Doug the owner and asked if they were still open. He said yes. I asked if they could do a safety inspection. He again said yes. I handed him the keys and off he went. I wondered around outside as they were doing the inspection. You could sit inside as there are a few chairs. The AC was running nice and cool. After I got tired of the heat I went inside. Doug soon approached me telling me that the backup lights were out. He said I could go home and do it myself, but he would have to fail me, or they could do it. I said sure, go ahead. I didn't want to have to bring it back. As they took out the bulb the noticed that it didn't seem broken. They put a new bulb in and the backup lights still did not work. He then went to check the fuses to see if anything was off there. Still nothing seemed out of place. He started to do other checks, when he decided to put the truck on the lift and look under the car. Once he had the car up there, he asked when I got the hitch put on the truck. I had said probably 5 years ago. He looked up at the wiring and played with it a little. Turns out a wire had come loose, and he fixed it up. Word of advice if you are going to get a hitch put on your car, don't go to U-Haul. I had a terrible experience when they put it on. Anyhow, that did the trick and the backup lights work fine. It passed and was all good. I really like this place. Doug seems to care about his customers. He is the new guy in town and is trying to build up his customer base. Most places would have just failed me and put me on my way. Doug said from the beginning that he hates to fail people, even for something like this. He seems to care about his customers and will do everything he can, to make them happy. I have a feeling I'll be taking our main cars here from now on.


First to Review I was having electrical problems with my Jeep Cherokee. I decided to Do-it-Myself and change out the battery cables. It was an easy install, but after starting my Jeep I could tell there was something wrong. I couldn't pinpoint it and I'm not a mechanic anyhow. So I got referred to D&D from a friend of mine. I called them up and I was able to have it towed down. Doug calls me and says that I was a lucky guy. When I replaced the cables, I somehow crossed the connections. He checked to make sure I didn't need a new battery or altenator and didn't try and sell me on getting something that he said didn't seem to be a problem. Its good to know I have a place and someone I can trust for my Jeep. You should check his shop out and he has what seems to me reasonable prices. I'll definitely be going back.!