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First to Review I was having electrical problems with my Jeep Cherokee. I decided to Do-it-Myself and change out the battery cables. It was an easy install, but after starting my Jeep I could tell there was something wrong. I couldn't pinpoint it and I'm not a mechanic anyhow. So I got referred to D&D from a friend of mine. I called them up and I was able to have it towed down. Doug calls me and says that I was a lucky guy. When I replaced the cables, I somehow crossed the connections. He checked to make sure I didn't need a new battery or altenator and didn't try and sell me on getting something that he said didn't seem to be a problem. Its good to know I have a place and someone I can trust for my Jeep. You should check his shop out and he has what seems to me reasonable prices. I'll definitely be going back.!